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My name is Kaitlyn Mason.  I am writing here at Simply Divine Mercy because I have come to realize through prayer and reflection that my purpose for speaking is to share Christ’s mercy with others.

This may not always be received with open arms, since being merciful and sharing mercy may “afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.”  But all the more reason to speak of a merciful and loving God!

I serve as co-director of a fun, new ministry called Mary Garden Showers.  We host baby showers for women in crisis pregnancies.  I’ll share about this ministry in my writings here as well.

Honestly, if I’m not simply sharing Divine Mercy and being merciful to others always and everywhere in my thoughts, words, and deeds, then I need to adjust.  At all times I should simply be living out Divine Mercy in my life.

I hope that as you peruse these writings, we can together find new ways to be merciful to one another.

Praise be to God, our merciful Father!