"We are called to show mercy because mercy has first been shown to us." -Pope Francis

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3 Steps to Mercy for You

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There’s a lot of mercy talk these days in the Church. Why?  Because it’s the time of mercy!

The Church recently celebrated Divine Mercy Sunday. If you’re not familiar with this message and devotion, take a moment to learn a little more here.

We should strive to show mercy to everyone we meet. Mercy is a great virtue, no doubt.  But today I want to ask you, how often do you show mercy to yourself?

Are you your own worst critic? Are you hyperaware of your faults and not sure how to actually improve?  Do you ever beat yourself up at the end of the day for not doing a better job at keeping it all together?

I’ve been working on kicking these bad attitudes for a while now, with great success. How?  Divine Mercy!


3 Steps to Mercy for You

Here are 3 steps you can take today to help you start showing mercy to you:


1. Participate in the Sacraments Frequently

I’m not saying you should get married frequently, nor do you want to take a “collect ‘em all” mentality and start preparing for your last rites, but frequent Confession and receipt of Holy Communion are beautiful ways to stay close to Christ. Mercy is waiting for you in the confessional!  Mercy is waiting for you on the altar at Mass daily!  Show up.  You deserve mercy!


2. Educate Yourself

Pick up a copy of the Catechism. Bring questions to a priest.  Read the Bible.  Study up on Divine Mercy.  Learn the works of mercy.  It’s actually an act of mercy to instruct the ignorant, and we’re all ignorant of many things.  Learn all you can to strengthen your relationship with Christ!


3. Forgive Yourself

You’re going to fall short. Every day you’re going to fall short of the person you want to be, and the person God is calling you to be.  Pick yourself up.  Forgive yourself.  We talk a lot about forgiving others, but it’s so important to forgive ourselves.  Would you forgive a friend if she apologized to you?  Well you can be that friend who just apologized to you.  Having a healthy relationship with yourself is vital to having a healthy relationship with others, Christ included!


So, take some time today to show mercy to you, because you’re worth it. Jesus died for you!

P.S. God is Merciful & He loves you… Pass it on!


Redeeming Joy – help mercy run to the lowest point



A few days ago, I had the privilege of attending a beautiful jewelry party to benefit Redeeming Joy.  All of the pieces were made by hand by the women being healed through this ministry.  It is a part of their therapy.  The jewelry is just beautiful.

And this ministry is beautiful!

Redeeming Joy helps women find healing, hope, and restoration following human trafficking.

“We loan our hope until each lady has a hope of her own,” says Lanie George, founder of Redeeming Grace.

Currently, Redeeming Joy is raising funds to open up a beautiful new safe home for women.  They have raised $20,000 of their $50,000 year end goal.

Will you help spread the word about this organization and cause?  Hope is desperately needed in our world today especially for these women who are in despair.

Please visit their website at http://www.redeemingjoy.org/ to learn more about this organization and how you can get involved!

Mercy always runs to the lowest point.  The women served at Redeeming Joy are thirsting for mercy.  Let’s help create a pathway for that mercy and give together today!

Peace & Blessings to you!

P.S. God is merciful and He loves you so much, so much, so much!  Pass it on…


true love isn’t silent

True love cannot be silent in the face of social confusion. Too much is at stake.

Acceptance and tolerance are major buzz words in our culture today.  People are crying out for others to accept them and for others to be tolerant of their behavior. 

While acceptance and tolerance are paramount to a healthy society, we must be vigilant and prudent about what actions and concepts we accept and tolerate.

How do we do this?  Certainly the Bible provides us with some good framework for what actions and concepts should be accepted and tolerated.  The Catechism does a beautiful job of laying out specifics on some complex issues that require further clarification. 

Yet many do not place themselves under the authority of the Bible or the teachings of the Church.  Even within the Church, confusion, ignorance, and misunderstanding can complicate things.  So naturally we’ll all come to the table with different ideas about what should be accepted and tolerated… if we come to the table at all. 

Let’s be clear, shall we?  As Christians, we are called first to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, and second to love others. 

For a beautiful description of the importance of loving God first and others second, please see Fr. Winslow’s article, “The Greatest Lie.”

Loving others doesn’t mean we need to be silent all the time when things are controversial.  Rather, when much is at stake, true love compels us to speak up.

Love does not mean we should just tell people everything they’re doing is okay.  Sometimes what people do is really not okay.  Loving someone then means speaking up, even and especially when it is difficult.  True love will shine a flashlight ahead to show someone they are on a wrong path. 

Love does not mean that we always will agree with others.  Sometimes we will disagree, and if we do this respectfully, seeking to understand one another’s viewpoints, we can grow stronger together.  True love will take the time to listen and will have the courage to attempt to explain. 

Love does not mean that we allow others to expose our families and children to coercion or social grooming that will contradict the morals and values we hold at the center of our lives.  True love will be on guard, standing firm in the faith.

Love doesn’t mean we stand idly by and watch as people walk into abortion clinics and discard lives (or whatever other euphemism people may insert) because they believe it’s their choice.  Love doesn’t mean we stand idly by and watch as people melt away from addiction, anorexia, depression, or pornography.  True love will try to hold someone back who is staggering to slaughter. 

True love cannot be silent in the face of social confusion.  Too much is at stake.   And the most beautiful Divine Mercy is waiting for everyone. 

P.S.  God is merciful & He loves you… no matter what.  

12 Awesome Organizations Working Outside the Box

Here are a dozen great organizations with some action plans that can help us think outside the box a little on some big world issues. Click on the links, learn more, and get involved!

Here are a dozen great organizations with some action plans that can help us think outside the box a little on some big world issues.  Some of these are new favorites of mine, and I wanted to share them here this morning.  Click on the links, learn more, and get involved! Read the rest of this entry »

Hope After Miscarriage & Infant Loss

I learned from their words in this DVD that it is always better to reach out, always better to try to love and comfort, always better to acknowledge the beautiful child who is now lost to Heaven – than it is to do and say nothing.

I can’t imagine going through a miscarriage.  I can’t imagine delivering a child who has gone to Heaven.  I can’t imagine losing an infant.  I can’t imagine going through these things because I have not gone through these things.  Not yet anyways.

While I’m grateful that is my reality, I know that for so many people out there, loss is their reality.  And my heart and my prayers go out to them.

What can we do to bring these families comfort and healing?  What can we say? Read the rest of this entry »

A Gift to Help New Moms De-Stress

Perfect for New Moms!! (1)

We are called to be light in the darkness, salt for the earth… and color on the blank page!

Those of you who know me well, will be happy to hear that I actually sat still for long enough to color an entire page in this book!  Read the rest of this entry »

15 Tips for a Happy Post-Partum

I received the love, support, help, and guidance that I needed to persevere. Prayer was helpful, sure! But I had to make those phone calls. I had to pick up the phone and get the help I needed to achieve the peace that I was asking for in my prayers to Christ. As Mothers, we’re pros at helping everyone in our family stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit. And I’m sure you know where I’m going with this… we need to help ourselves stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit, too!


I am blessed to be the Mother of three children.  Each one is such a blessing to our lives!

And each one has required me to grow and stretch and live in a new way.  A new selfless way.

Motherhood definitely keeps me in continual prayer…

Because caring for a child – especially a newborn – requires sacrifice.  It requires a continual outpouring of love, attention, and care that I am convinced is only possible with strength coming directly from God!

So I keep praying! (Just keep praying, just keep praying… What do we do?  Pray, pray…)

I have struggled with post-partum anxiety three times now.

God has blessed me with three beautiful children and three golden opportunities to overcome post-partum darkness.  Read the rest of this entry »

On Society & The Dangerous “No Pain is Gain” Philosophy

The Dangerous _No Pain is Gain_ Philosophy

Fr. Patrick Winslow recently wrote an excellent, timely article titled The Greatest Lie.  In it, he explains that “the greatest lies always possess an aspect of truth.”

He goes on to define the greatest lie as “the new social doctrine that the greatest commandment is to love thy neighbor.”  In actuality, the greatest commandment is to first and foremost love the Lord God with all your mind, heart, and soul.  Fr. Winslow explains this beautifully and you can read the full article here.

The lie that we are to put love for our neighbor before love for God can mean ignoring or blocking out God and His divine plans.

I’d like to expand on this concept for a moment.  But first, we need to be aware of how this lie has crept into our culture, and how it has permeated so many minds and hearts. Read the rest of this entry »

I Feel Better When I’m Dancin’!

Somehow squished kiwi on the floor, dirty diapers, mountains of laundry, and muddy paw prints don’t end up in the magazine pictures that are filed away in my head about what my life as a Mother is supposed to look like.


It is such a privilege to be a wife and Mother!  I am so grateful to have this opportunity.  I have an amazing husband and three wonderful children – all blessings.

Now I’ll be the first to tell you that today I really didn’t have it all together.  And as I sat there dwelling on this fact, I recalled a song that’s a little blast from my past Read the rest of this entry »

Help Post-Abortive Women & Men Find Healing with “Beyond Regret”

At times I was almost in tears watching this video. The magnitude of Christ’s love and mercy is extremely apparent in the stories of these individuals! When we come to Christ and repent, he is so loving and quick to forgive. And he lovingly provided solace for these women & men in beautiful and surprising ways.


*This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I have not personally experienced an abortion, although I know women who have suffered greatly from their abortions.  My heart goes out to them, and my prayer is that they will find healing and comfort through Christ’s mercy.

Since I am passionate about helping women in crisis, it is with great eagerness that I recommend the “Beyond Regret” DVD. Read the rest of this entry »