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"The greater the sinner, the greater the right he has to My Mercy… He who trusts in My Mercy will not perish." – Jesus to St. Faustina

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turning prayer into cupcakes…


I am a firm believer in at least these two things: 1. This world can never have too many babies in it. 2. This world can never have too many cupcakes in it. Okay, you can make your arguments that too many people will quickly deplete the world of precious natural resources, forcing us to inhabit Mars and frantically search distant galaxies for a new home.

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Positive Adoption Language


This post is courtesy of a little card put out by a friend Callie Jet & the lovely ladies at Talk About Adoption.  They are birth moms, so they know a thing or two about talking about adoption.  It just seemed really important, so I wanted to share it here.


The Do’s and the Don’ts When Referring to a Birth Mother’s Decision of Adoption


DO:  Unintended pregnancy / Unplanned pregnancy

DON’T:  Unwanted child / Did not want your baby


DO:  Birth Mother / First Mom / Biological parent(s)

DON’T:  Not keeping your baby / Did not keep your baby


DO:  Make an adoption plan / Made an adoption plan

DON’T:  Adopt out / Adopted out


DO:  Choose adoption / Chose adoption

DON’T:  Get rid of / Give up / Put up / Got rid of / Gave up


DO:  Place for adoption / Placed for adoption

DON’T:  Give away / Hand over / Gave away / Handed over


Check out for lots of great info!

P.S.  God is Merciful & He loves you!  Pass it on…


What Adoption Taught Me About the Family of God

My parents adopted two children from the foster care system when I was a very young girl. This taught me one very valuable lesson in life: we are all truly brothers and sisters.

I remember it vividly:  I was about 5 years old, and my parents sat down with me on their bed.  They asked me if I would like to become a foster sister.  I was so excited.  I remember seeing a little white brochure about foster families with two intertwined red hearts on the cover.  My life was forever changed.

When I was a little girl, I had a 20 minute seizure and an 18 hour coma.  At one point doctors told my parents there was nothing more they could do.  God answered the fervent prayers of my parents and grandparents and I’m here today, “alive and kickin’” as a favorite professor used to say.  My brother had a similar scary experience related to his asthma as a boy.  I believe we are here today because God had more for us to do on this earth.

So my parents, compelled by their great gratitude for our recoveries, courageously decided to become foster parents.

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