Baby Showers Anyone?? Bring Mary Garden Showers to Your Parish!

by Kaitlyn Clare Elizabeth Mason



At Mary Garden Showers, we are passionate about serving women in crisis pregnancy situations – any crisis.  We work closely with pregnancy resource centers, churches, and also accept referrals from individuals.  Basically, we go where the Holy Spirit leads!

We are praying fervently about spreading this ministry throughout our country that is in desperate need of love and truth for women and families. 

We believe that every mother deserves love, support, and mercy as she walks through her pregnancy!  So many women feel that they have nowhere to turn when they are pregnant, and we feel strongly that the Church needs to be present and available to them. 

We lovingly try to direct women to Mary as a beautiful example of a Mother who followed God’s will and carried her pregnancy to term, ultimately resulting in our salvation.  We also have become friends with the Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy (thanks be to God!) and they are providing beautiful canvas Divine Mercy images for us to share with each mother we shower!

Starting a chapter at a church is a pretty simple process.  We would just need to identify a chapter leader(s) at your parish.  Then we would send the leader(s) our Handbook, do a video chat to answer questions, and if everyone is on board, there’s a little form to sign to make everything official.  We then support you all in any way we can.  We will create graphics for each shower, advertise baby showers on our website, social media & nation-wide newsletter, share thank you notes on our website & newsletter, ship items to your chapter as needed (banners, brochures, thank you notes, prayer cards, etc.).

Once we establish a chapter at a parish, people can personally become a sponsor to a mother.  This is super exciting, and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to serve in this capacity in the past.  It’s a lot of fun, and it’s what you make of it!  You can take the mother out for coffee, get to know her, set up a baby registry with her, share mom-to-mom advice, and just be there for her in this special time of need.

But no need to wait for a chapter to start up at your parish to get involved!  

You can shop online registries through our website and gifts automatically ship to the baby shower location of the upcoming shower.  Or you can send a note or gift or a note to the shower locations on our website.  Or we always need prayers!  You can sign up for our prayer campaign at as well.

If you have any questions, or if you feel called to get involved, please let us know!  We’re happy to help in any way we can.  Peace!

P.S. God loves you & He is merciful… pass it on!