MGS National Update 10.12.16 – God is on the Move!

by Kaitlyn Clare Elizabeth Mason

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We’re so excited, because from our vantage point – God is on the move through this apostolate!!!  We are so humbled and blessed to share all of this news with you.  Here are some Mary Garden Showers updates from each city where we are located:

Charlotte, NC

In recent weeks, our city of Charlotte has mourned the loss of Justin Carr.  Justin and Tanae have been awaiting the birth of their child, due at the end of October.

We will be hosting a baby shower for Tanae and her baby boy at St. Thomas Aquinas Church here in Charlotte, NC!  The shower will be held on Sunday October 23rd from 1-3pm in Aquinas Hall.

Please note, we are only 11 days away from this shower!!  Tanae is also very close to meeting her baby face to face.  So we really appreciate your support in helping us pull this shower together quickly!  Please visit to view Tanae’s gift registry, and to find information about how to send prayers and gifts to the shower!

In order to ensure a joyous celebration for Tanae and her baby, we ask that you please drop any cards or prayers related to Justin’s passing in the wooden “cards” box at the shower.  If you’re sending a card from out of town, please address the envelope to “Tanae & Baby” if it belongs on the gift table.  Please address it to “MGS Card Box” if it belongs in the wooden box.  Please reserve the gift table for joyous and cheerful congratulatory cards, prayers, and gifts for Tanae and her child, and please no photography.

Columbus, OH

Our chapter leaders in Columbus, Michele and Angie, have been working hard to pull the community together for the women showered at the St. Patrick’s Chapter!

They have connected with many wonderful donors who are providing their baking, decorating, photography, writing, and painting talents to serve Mothers at their baby showers!  They recently collaborated with their local Catholic radio station to put together an advertisement for Mary Garden Showers that is available nationally for stations to pick up and air.

They also were contacted by a Catholic artist named Bernadette Carstensen.  She is extremely talented.  When she found out that we provide images of Mary and Jesus to each Mother at her baby shower, she felt called to create something special for our ministry to distribute.  She has given permission for us to share this “progress sketch” of her work with you.  We will let you know when it’s finished!  Please check out her website at to view her finished work!  Gorgeous, right?  We’ve never seen anything like it, and we can’t wait to have a print of this in our own homes!

Madonna and Child Progress Sketch. Shared with permission. Copyright 2016 Bernadette Carstensen.

Indianapolis, IN

Debbie is our chapter leader at our Holy Spirit Chapter, and she had a beautiful update to share with everyone from their last shower.

“Ashley was overwhelmed by gifts!!!  It was the best shower,” she wrote.  “People came by that couldn’t stay dropping off gifts and cards. Fr. Paul came by and had some food with us and spoke with Ashley and her family. He gave them his blessing.”

Guests at the shower were moved to tears.  “One lady said she could feel the love being poured out!!  Our Mother had tears and kept thanking everyone.  She said every time I put an outfit on my girls or touch these items I will think of you all.”

There were many people in attendance.  “God’s mercy was so evident!! Thank you Father for your beautiful mercy!!! May our corporal and spiritual works of mercy glorify you Lord!”


Amen!  Thanks be to God!  You can view information about all of our upcoming showers at  Thank you for your support and continued prayers!!
P.S.  God is merciful and He loves you!  Pass it on…