The Strangers at the Manger – Another Chime Travelers Adventure!

by Kaitlyn Clare Elizabeth Mason


I received an opportunity to read and review another fun Chime Travelers book, called The Strangers at the Manger.  These books are really just fantastic.

Katie and Patrick are off an another “chime traveling” adventure, but this time, they get to travel together!  They find themselves accompanying Mary and Jesus in their preparations for the birth of their Son, Jesus.

What an exciting time in history for all of us!  Can you imagine being there yourself?  Now you and your children can imagine being at Christ’s birth together!

But perhaps my favorite part of this book is the story that runs alongside the birth of Jesus and its relevance for our time.

You see, in each Chime Travelers book, there are two stories going on simultaneously.  There is a story of Katie and Patrick, students in our present time, and the things that are going on in their childhood.  And there is a story from history going on, a story that these kids are thrown into, from which they must learn a lesson.  The lessons Katie and Patrick learn from their travels in history correspond beautifully with the situations going on in their present lives back at their church, school, and home.

So my favorite aspect of The Strangers at the Manger was how it relates the story of welcoming Christ to the welcoming of refugees seeking safe accommodations in our world today.  This is a message for the whole Church and a great lesson to share with our children.  Author Lisa M. Hendey sets this lesson up beautifully in this book.

These books are wonderful for reading a chapter per day in a school, Catechism class, or at bedtime with your children.  They make a great, inexpensive gift for your Godchildren, your grandchildren, your nieces and nephews, kids birthday parties, family friends, and really for any children in your life.

Share the Faith, share some fun, and share some Chime Travelers adventures with your family.  The Strangers at the Manger is available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Franciscan Media.   Find links to each of these purchase locations here at the fun Chime Travelers Kids website.

My daughter is so excited as I’m adding this picture on this post…  “Hey!  We have that book!  That’s like the book with the broken glass (Whisper in the Ruins).  That one is my favorite!  Hey!  That picture is like a little family!  It’s like our family!”

Yes, when we welcome strangers in the way Katie and Patrick do, it does make us like a little family.


P.S.  God is merciful and He loves you… Pass it on!