a new name

by Kaitlyn Clare Elizabeth Mason


While “Ma Vie Catholique” was a fun title to write under, there were a couple of problems with this blog/diary setup.

First, some people closest to me were not able to remember how to access my writing since it was not an English title.

Second, when telling others about my writing, I had to spell the name each time.

Third, I do not have much time for creating graphics in this season of my life, so I needed to – well, simplify a little.  I’ve been holding back some writings because I didn’t have time to make graphics.  Now that’s just silly.

Fourth, the old title did not take into account the personal shift in my Catholic life towards a deeper understanding of Divine Mercy.  With this deeper understanding comes a compelling desire to show others that our God is merciful and loving!

I have come to realize through prayer and reflection that my purpose for speaking is to share Christ’s mercy with others.  This may not always be received with open arms, since being merciful and sharing mercy may “afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.” But all the more reason to speak of a merciful and loving God!

Honestly, if I’m not simply sharing Divine Mercy and being merciful to others always and everywhere in my thoughts, words, and deeds, then I need to readjust.  At all times I should simply be living out Divine Mercy in my life.

So this site will now be called (drumroll please…) “Simply Divine Mercy.”  The new address is: simplydivinemercy.wordpress.com.

I’ll still write about whatever is on my heart to share, but now with the personal challenge of sharing everything through a lens of Divine Mercy!

Oh, and did I mention I find it terrifying to change my blog/diary name after almost a year of writing?  Yeah… I’m a little bit terrified… But do everything out of love and not fear, right?  Where Christ leads I will follow.  So here we go!

P.S. God is merciful and He loves you!  Pass it on…