Drawing a New Path to God

by Kaitlyn Clare Elizabeth Mason

I’ve found that coloring while I pray kinda’ forces me to be still and listen. And you may find that you learn a little about your own prayer life as you do this, too!

I often find myself reading books to our girls, playing with Play-Doh, and coloring pictures.  Of course I’m not able to sit down and do these things with them all of the time, but I always enjoy when I have an opportunity to spend good quality time with them.

I recently read a little book to our daughter that made me realize I could turn all of this time over to God. 


“Praying in Color: Kids Edition” by Sybil MacBeth is a great resource for parents, CCD class instructors, vacation bible school leaders, and homeschool families.  It’s full of bright, colorful pages, and it meets your child on his or her level, introducing an alternative method of prayer.

As parents, it’s helpful to realize that we can give all of our playtime with our children over to God.

But this book takes that a step farther, and helps kids learn to color out their prayers to God.

Children are first encouraged to come up with their own personal way of addressing their Creator.  Then, MacBeth walks them – or rather, draws them – through a fun way to talk to God:  praying in color!

This book is a colorful toolkit.  It introduces a variety of brush stroke and squiggle options, a variety of names kids can use to address God, a variety of Bible verses, and a variety of types of prayer!

You can read it with your kids, and refer back to it as you go about your coloring adventures together!

If you do have a lot of teaching experience, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble creating a lesson plan from this well-laid out book.  But if you are unsure of how to do this, or if your parish would like to educate its educators on how to conduct little Praying in Color workshops, “The Teaching DVD” would be a valuable resource.

In the DVD you will meet Sybil Macbeth as she conducts a Praying in Color workshop for some children.  Macbeth travels around the country conducting these workshops, so she is a great person to teach you how to share this fun method of prayer with your own students.  And you’ll get to watch the entire workshop to equip you with lots of great ideas!


There’s also an adult version by Sybil MacBeth called “Pray & Color.”

In this book, MacBeth meets adults right at their level.  She walks readers through her own personal experiences with prayer, and suggests lots of different prayer forms that will help you grow closer to God through praying in color.

The book is full of templates that have already been created for your use.  Simply sit down with your colored pencils, markers, or other favorite utensils, and let your mind and heart rest.  Put way your devices.  Invite God into your space.  And then color and listen.


I’ve found that coloring while I pray kinda’ forces me to be still and listen.  And you may find that you learn a little about your own prayer life as you do this, too!

“Try coloring as a bridge to an island of inner quiet and prayer,” the book says.

Inner quiet and prayer… who couldn’t benefit from a little more of that?

Click on the images above fore more information.  These items are available on Amazon and from Paraclete Press.

P.S. God loves you and He is merciful!  Pass it on…

Copyright 2016 Kaitlyn Mason