Come to the Feast!

by Kaitlyn Clare Elizabeth Mason

Come to (4)

You guys – Heaven is going to be awesome!

I was reminded of this during a family reunion a few weeks ago.  It was a huge celebration, and almost all of my cousins were able to attend.  When you have about 30 cousins, that’s a big deal, and a big celebration!  Many of us have several children now, so the numbers add up fast.

We live all over the country, which makes getting together extra special.  I have some awesome cousins who I don’t see very often.  But I still love each of them so much.

And you know what?  When we get to Heaven, that’s what it’s going to be… a huge celebration, full of the laughter and joy that come from a huge family celebration and feast.

Because that’s what we are: family of God.

Can you imagine the storytelling in Heaven??

Anytime my Dad and his three brothers get together, get ready to laugh.  Because they have an absolutely ridiculous history together that’s full of pranks and shenanigans that would put any sitcom family to shame.  Granted, I’ve heard some of their stories many times.  They’re still hilarious.

Many of them revolve around my Grandpa Smith, their Dad, who is pretty – how do I say this? – one of a kind!  After my Grandpa Smith’s funeral, the storytelling went on and on.  It was certainly a sad occasion for the goodbyes we had to say here on earth, but it was full of laughter and joy for all of the stories about my Grandpa that were now gleaming treasures in our memories and hearts.

I remember that quite a while before he died, my Grandpa shared that he was ready to go when Jesus called him home.

My cousin Heather and I got to talk to him for a long time that Christmas.  He talked to us openly about it – the fact that he wouldn’t be around forever.  He had peace about that.  He said that people didn’t always understand his peace about death.

“Yeah, but if you never die, you never get to go to Heaven!” I exclaimed in my youthful zeal for Christ.  Surely this concept becomes more challenging as you approach old age, though I hope I can maintain a calm surrender to Christ the way my Grandpa did…

He looked at me with the deep wisdom that comes from 80 something years on this earth and a gentle smile.  “Exactly,” he said.

My Grandpa and I agreed on something in that moment – something I want to shout from the rooftops because it has been whispered to me in the darkness – Heaven is real!

Heaven is lush, green, rolling hills.  Heaven is brighter sunshine than we have ever known.  Heaven is pearl white buildings made of materials that don’t exist on this earth.  Heaven is music more beautiful than anything we’ve ever heard before.  Heaven is everyone praising God forevermore.

Your best friends, your neighbors, the family members you know now, the family members that you’ve never met that go back generations and generations – our days in Heaven will be spent with all of these loved ones!

The saints we’ve heard about and studied about, the unknown saints whose stories we’ve not yet heard – they’ll all be with us in Heaven, and they’ll all be sharing stories.

We are part of the GREATEST story ever told! (1)

Because you see – we are a part of the GREATEST story ever told.  The story doesn’t end when the Bible ends!

Heaven is going on right now.  Salvation through Christ belongs to us – all of us who believe and repent and follow and trust in Christ.

“So where is Heaven?” you might ask.  It is so near to us!  It is just beyond what we can see with our eyes, and Heaven touches down on Earth in each and every Mass.

And you’re invited!

You’re invited to come to the feast of Heaven and Earth!  You’re invited to celebrate and praise God with the angels.  Did you know there are angels above us at each and every Mass, praising God with us?

Do you believe in angels?  I cannot not believe in angels.

Do you believe in miracles?  Because a miracle occurs at every Mass.  The bread and wine that is offered and shared actually becomes the body and blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ.

Would you believe in this miracle if you saw it with your own eyes?  I know a man who literally sees with his eyes – at each and every Mass – blood flow from Jesus’ side on the crucifix that pours down into the chalice at the moment of consecration (the moment this miracle occurs)!

I believe that God conceals this reality from so many of us in order to give us an opportunity to come to Him through Faith.  What’s the point of the gift of Faith if we never get to use it?

We are part of the GREATEST story ever told! (4)

So you’re invited.  Step into Heaven on Earth – step into Mass.

Scott Hahn explains beautifully in his book “The Lamb’s Supper,” that nothing can take away from the richness of Heaven touching down in each Mass.  Not a monotone priest, not crying babies, not a bad homily, not tone deaf cantors, not poor piano playing… even a Mass full of these potential distractions is beautiful and holy and pleasing to God.

Because in the Mass, we offer our lives up to Christ.  We unite our sacrifice and suffering to His.  Our sacrifice cannot be perfect, holy, and unblemished without the perfect, holy, and unblemished lamb that is Christ…  Christ who died once and for all of us so we can experience eternity in Heaven with Him!

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Heaven is real.  Come to the feast!

P.S. God loves you & He is merciful… Pass it on!

Copyright 2016 Kaitlyn Mason