A Queen on the Move

by Kaitlyn Clare Elizabeth Mason

A Queen On the Move.png


Mary and Jesus may be seated on thrones – places of honor and glory.  But these Heavenly thrones are not recliners.  Far from it!  It is from thrones that good rulers rule, make decisions, and work to better their kingdom. 

Mary is not a queen up in Heaven eating bon-bons.  She is a queen on the move!  She is a queen who never ceases praying on our behalf.  A queen who loves us tenderly as only a Mother can. 

Mary is a queen who after ascending to Heaven, didn’t sit back, kick off her sandals, and prop up her feet in a recliner.  Rather, she accepted her duties as queen, sat down next to her Son, and got to work at once helping him save souls on earth! 

The drama and theatre that is life on this earth is not yet finished!  The curtain has not fallen.  The players are still in action. Their ultimate fates are yet undecided! 

Thanks be to God that Mary is speaking to Jesus with us.  Thanks be to God that she is encouraging him and supporting him in his redeeming work.  She encourages him as only a Mother can.

Even Jesus needed a Mother.  And how grateful we should be that he shares her with us – us who he calls his brothers, his sisters, and his friends!

Copyright 2016 Kaitlyn Mason