Kids & Prayer DVD – Mommy, can I watch that again?

by Kaitlyn Clare Elizabeth Mason

When we received the Kids & Prayer DVD, I thought, “Great! Maybe this will make prayer fun!” It really did!!!

*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.


Let’s be honest.  It’s not easy to show little ones that prayer is fun and rewarding!

We currently have a two year old and a very opinionated one year old, so things are naturally unpredictable at our house.  Sometimes our girls are full of giggles & smiles as we pray together.  At other times, there are tears & tantrums.

When we received the Kids & Prayer DVD, I thought, “Great!  Maybe this will make prayer fun!”

It really did!!!

This DVD has been a huge hit in our family!  It’s kind of a PBS style show completely devoted to teaching your children all about different ways they can pray.

Art is introduced as one way children can pray.  Our daughter loves to paint and color, so this was so fun for her to see!

There are cute little “field trip” segments that keep things fun and engaging.  At one point the camera crew visits a monastery where the monks make wine.  They also get to see how strawberry preserves are made and packaged!  My daughter asked me over and over again to replay these segments!  “Mommy, can we watch the grape part again?  Can we watch the jelly part??”

I personally loved the little clips of children sharing why and how they like to pray!  My daughter had a bright, big smile on her face as she listened intently to each child’s reasoning.

We stopped the DVD in several places and talked about why and how she likes to pray as well.

She has seen this entire show many times now, and asks to watch it often!  It makes a wonderful addition to our family DVD collection.

This would make such a fun gift for a child or family, and it’d be a great purchase for a homeschool group or faith formation class!  I’d recommend it for ages 2-7.   You can purchase it from Paraclete Press or on Amazon.

What are some ways you make prayer time fun in your family?