MGS Ministry Update 3.12.16 – Announcing Our New Campaigns!

by Kaitlyn Clare Elizabeth Mason

About a month ago, I was praying that God would help this ministry to reach its full potential – whatever that may be. I prayed that He would help us to reach as many women and families as possible. The response was immediate: “What if I told you that you can’t do it without the rosary?”

The Mary Garden Showers ministry has had a busy month and we are so grateful! This weekend we will hold baby showers and celebrate with Nikki in Charlotte, NC and Guadalupe in Indianapolis, IN. Thank you to all of you who are supporting these showers in person or in prayer!

When we first started this ministry, I remember talking to the woman who co-directs this with me, Serena. We talked about how throwing baby showers for women in crisis pregnancies could potentially bring more lives into this world, as women on the fence about abortion could change their minds when they find out loving support is available.

We are so thrilled to report that this is happening!

Now, not all of the women and families that we serve have considered abortion. We will support any family experiencing a crisis pregnancy, and a crisis can occur in many forms. Just because someone never considered abortion doesn’t make them any less deserving of love and charity. But we’re just glad to let you know that being involved in Mary Garden Showers can really make a huge difference in the lives of the women & families we serve in so many ways.

This month we also rolled out two new campaigns!

The first is Our Prayer Campaign. This started when our Chapter Leader at Holy Spirit in Indianapolis, IN felt compelled to create prayer cards for parishioners at their Church, with a little prayer for the Mother they are showering that month. She was going to create a sign-up sheet so parishioners could give a gift of prayer in a format that could be shared with the Mother.

But technology makes it so easy to connect the whole Church together now! So taking advantage of the opportunity, we created an online Sign-Up Genius form that enables people from all over the world to easily sign up to give a gift of prayer to a Mother & baby that we’re serving!

Our Prayer Campaign (16)

In addition to providing Mothers and babies with material support through baby showers and gifts, we also want to provide them with spiritual support and spiritual gifts. So we will present the names from this sign up form to the Mothers we serve as a very special and meaningful gift at their shower. In this way, Mothers will be able to visibly see that they are loved and supported by the whole Church – comprised of individuals praying for them from all over!

Have you signed up yet? Click on the link below to give a gift of prayer to a Mother & baby experiencing a crisis pregnancy!

COFFEE (6).png

The second campaign is called Love Letters for Life. Letters are often very powerful and can capture & reveal the unique intimacy of a relationship. Our goal is to collect letters from people that will illustrate the beauty and depth of the parent-child relationship. We hope to compile them into a beautiful book. All are welcome to participate!

Letters can be anonymous or written with names/cities included. Letters do not have to pertain to a crisis pregnancy situation, and can be from anyone – including you! Examples include parents writing to a child expressing love & gratitude for their life, parents writing to an unborn or adopted child, parents writing to a child they lost, someone writing to a loved one in a crisis pregnancy, etc.

Love Letters for Life (10).png

We hope that the Love Letters for Life book will help Mothers in crisis pregnancies understand how much they will love their child & that it will provide comfort and healing to families who need it most.

Please visit our Love Letters for Life Project page for more details. If you’ve already written a letter of this nature, or if you’re interested in doing so, please contact us to become a contributing author!

And please share this with anyone who may be interested in signing up for Our Prayer Campaign or being a part of Love Letters for Life. God bless you!

Copyright 2016 Kaitlyn Mason