My First Holy Communion Keepsake Journal – Charming, Sweet, and Fun!

by Kaitlyn Clare Elizabeth Mason

A sweet gift for any child making their First Holy Communion!

Photo copyright 2016 Kaitlyn Mason. All rights reserved. Image created with Canva.

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Do you remember making your First Communion? I vaguely remember sitting in the pews with my class, wearing a pretty white dress, and going through our renewal of our Baptismal promises. I remember that because the priest was going through a long phrase, and we all started saying “I do” before he even finished the sentence. Our parents and the parishioners all had a good laugh. I remember tasting the Eucharist for the first time – it was so exciting!

I also remember tracking how many times I received the bread and wine with little tallies on a piece of paper that I kept in my headboard. I imagined celebrating my 100th Communion, my 1,000th Communion, and so on. If I remember right, the amount of times I received the host was always higher than how many times I had wine, because I didn’t think I should have wine very much as a little girl.

What a special time, and what a special age!

What if we could capture this time of innocence and pure Faith in a girl’s life, and preserve it for years to come? Maybe girls would be able to remember a little more than I do, or at least have something very special to look back on.

Author Avril O’Reilly has created a new book from Ireland that invites girls to do just that – create a special keepsake to celebrate their First Holy Communion.

I love that the Catholic Faith is universal, and this book is proof! How cool is it that someone living across the ocean in Ireland came up with the idea for this book to fill a need that she saw in her community, and to enhance her Irish Catholic culture – and that it can be enjoyed by Catholic children around the globe?

The illustrations are very sweet, and the cover image was handcrafted by a talented woman living in Italy. Inside, there are pages to color, space for drawing, and prompts to get girls writing and recording their own thoughts and prayers on their own. There’s also a recipe shared for a Communion Pie that sounds lovely! Extra pages in the front and back also leave ample space for writing a note, prayer, or recipe of your own for the First Communicant before giving this book as a gift.

I also like when things look nice and are fun to hold, and this light pink hardcover book, with its pretty floral pattern, pink hearts, and shiny cover makes me smile. It would be easy and fun to wrap (but then I love wrapping things with crisp lines)!

I’ll also mention that the bookmark is really cute. My two year old had never used a bookmark before, and she recently started marking her place in long books by using another thin book as a bookmark! (You know, when I have to stop reading to go change a diaper or something…) She was really excited to use this shiny, new bookmark!

O’Reilly has also created a “My First Holy Communion Keepsake Activity Book” for little boys that she describes as being a little “sillier.” It was created with her nephews in mind, and contains activities and puzzles, as well as coloring pages and space for recording information.

Both of these “My First Holy Communion” keepsake journals are available online for just under $20 at! (Click here for a direct link). This would make a charming, sweet, and fun gift for any child preparing to celebrate their First Communion!

Copyright 2016 Kaitlyn Mason