Caring for the Unborn

by Kaitlyn Clare Elizabeth Mason

I’m just fortunate that I know the truth.  That this model represents a baby – a real baby.  One that needs and deserves care, love, respect, and to be cradled and protected within its Mother’s womb.

Photo copyright 2016 Kaitlyn Mason. All rights reserved. Image created with Canva.

This is a fetal model at 12 weeks gestation. In other words, the baby model in the picture above is representative of a baby at 12 weeks old in utero. In still other words, this is what a baby looks like when the Mother is only 12 weeks pregnant.

Oh there are so many ways to say the same thing.

And that’s just it – embryo, fetus, baby, human life – it’s all the same thing. (Don’t believe me? Read my post about that here…)

This little model entered our home last fall after I received it a fundraising event for a local pregnancy resource center. At the time, I was around 12 weeks pregnant.

I remember bringing it home and explaining to our 2 year old that the new baby was about that big inside Mommy’s tummy. I let her hold it, and she was so excited!

“Look!” she exclaimed. “These are the new baby’s eyes, and the new baby’s nose!”

“That’s right, and where are the baby’s hands? Where is the baby’s mouth?” I asked. “Right there! Right there!” She pointed out all the parts of this little baby with excitement.

Then she tried to stand it up on the table. “Why won’t the baby stand up?” she asked.

“Well, it can’t stand up yet because it’s too little. It’s not strong enough to hold itself up yet! That’s why it has to stay in Mommy’s tummy for awhile, so it can grow big and strong. And it’s legs won’t support it, so we can’t just drop it like that, we have to protect it,” I explained.

She proceeded to carry the baby around the room and help it out with all of the “baby tasks” it had to do. You know, eat in the high chair, lay down and swing in the baby swing, rest under a blanket, etc.

I realize that I started the conversation with, “This is what the new baby looks like.” But if I had handed her a rubber duck, she would have questioned me. If I had handed her one of her grown-up Little People dolls and told her it was a baby, she would have flat out told me I was wrong. Trust me. She is big on correcting people right now. “No, that is not the baby, that is the Mommy,” she might say.

So how is it that this 2 year old child was immediately able to accept that this “12 week fetal model” was a baby, when so many grown-ups refuse to call it by that name??? How is it that she could instantly recognize and identify eyes, ears, mouth, hands, and feet, when so many grown-ups refer to a life at this stage as merely a blob of tissue???

Abortions are routinely performed at abortion facilities where I live up to 20 weeks into a pregnancy. Mind you, that is 8 weeks of development after the model shown in this image. And for a higher fee, abortions can be obtained at other locations much later into a pregnancy.

Just the other day, my daughter was rummaging around in my jewelry case, and this little baby fell out of one of the little green velvet-lined drawers. Yes, I keep this little child in my jewelry case. It hardly seemed appropriate to shove it in some random bag or to toss it on a shelf, especially after it was so closely identified in our family with the baby I am carrying at the moment.

When the model tumbled out of the jewelry case, my daughter was so excited! She ran over to my husband and I with the model in hand. “Look, Daddy, this is the new baby!” she said. “Wow, well that’s not your actual brother or sister, but yes that is what the baby looked like a few weeks ago,” we told her, “and now the baby is a lot bigger than that!”

Again, she played with the little model like she plays with her baby dolls. She tried to get the baby to stand up on our bed with no success, because a tiny life at this stage of development is so fragile.

I’m just fortunate that I know the truth. That this model represents a baby – a real baby. One that needs and deserves care, love, respect, and to be cradled and protected within its Mother’s womb.

I am so fortunate that I get to be the Mother of another little baby. The Mother of another awesome little miracle that no one in this world has ever met before. What an honor.

Copyright 2016 Kaitlyn Mason