3 Children’s Books that Increased My Faith as an Adult

by Kaitlyn Clare Elizabeth Mason

Books to help you instill faith in your family!

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There are many beautifully written and illustrated children’s books on Christianity, Catholicism, and faith in general. Unfortunately, some are lacking in depth and contain watered down material, quite literally at times! One well-intended Children’s Bible that we own refers to Jesus turning water into grape juice!

However, we’re blessed to have several literary gems on our daughters’ bookshelves. Here are my top three favorites and how they’ve increased my faith as an adult.

You Are Special

#3 – You Are Special, by Max Lucado, illustrated by Sergio Martinez

This book was recommended to us by friends at a baby shower. It’s a sweet story about a puppet who lives in a town where everyone gives out gray dots and gold stars. In other words, everyone judges everyone else.

Then one day, he meets a girl who doesn’t care about dots or stars. She introduces the puppet to their puppet-maker. He finds freedom and happiness. The more he spends time with the puppet-maker, the less he cares about dots and stars.

What a beautiful way to teach our children about humility and God’s love for us! This is a great analogy to meditate on as an adult, as well.

As Mother Teresa once said, “If you are humble nothing will touch you, neither praise nor disgrace, because you know what you are. If you are blamed you will not be discouraged. If they call you a saint you will not put yourself on a pedestal.”

We know what we are in God’s eyes. We are special.

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#2 – Hail Mary, by Sabrina Bus, illustrated by Xavier Deneux

This was given to us as a Baptism gift from my Mother-in-law. It is precious and simple.  I love it.

This book contains everything I want to share with non-Catholics about Mary, all boiled down into a few short, colorful, concise pages!  It’s like a pint-sized version of Catholic apologetics on Mary!

Have you ever been asked why Catholics pray to Mary? To pray to Mary is to ask her to pray for us, just as we would ask our friends and relatives on earth to pray for us. Right on the back cover, it clears this right up by stating that we can “pray to Mary like a mother, a sister, or a friend.”

This little board book breaks down each phrase of the Hail Mary prayer, and explains how Mary draws us ever closer to her Son, Jesus Christ.

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#1 – The Jesus Storybook Bible, written by Sally Lloyd-Jones, illustrated by Jago

Our friends were raving about this Bible one night at our monthly dinner group. They said it spoke to parents and children, and we were curious to find out what they meant. We made a special trip to the bookstore to purchase this Bible for our daughter’s first Christmas and have not been disappointed! We just read from it again this evening!

I love this Bible because it tells the full story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. And it does so with creativity, spunk, humor, and a great sense of adventure. It portrays Jesus’ coming as the great rescue!

Titles are witty and playful. My favorite is “Daniel and the Scary Sleepover.”

I also love that it contains some of the “deep tracks” of the Bible – or should I say, some of the great stories that are often cast aside in children’s Bibles in favor of more familiar ones. Our two year old now talks about Naaman, for example.

The illustrations are top-notch with their own personality. You have to turn the book sideways to view some pages – like when Goliath towers across the book, or when the fishing boat is tossed around in the sea while Jesus sleeps soundly. This makes reading with little ones so much fun!

Reading a story from The Jesus Storybook Bible each night to our daughter helped me to make new connections and to see the big picture of the Bible in a beautiful way. Every story connects back to Jesus and God’s great rescue plan for our salvation! When we read through this book for the first time, my husband and I would often go back downstairs and continue to discuss what we read together. It filled us with a desire to start going deeper in our grown-up Bibles!


What faith-based children’s books can you recommend?  Have any increased your faith as an adult?


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