Preparing for a Flood of People Choosing Life

by Kaitlyn Clare Elizabeth Mason

Preparing for a Flood of People Choosing Life! (1)

It’s coming. It has to be coming. The day when people realize that their right to meet their child face to face is more important than their right to abortion access is coming.

That’s right, we have a right to meet our children!

It’s coming, and we are making preparations now for a flood of people choosing life for their children.

Noah was given instructions by God to prepare an ark for a flood that no one believed was coming. People thought he was crazy. But God put the calling on his heart to build an ark. And when the flood came, he was ready.

“Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled.” – Luke 1:45

I’m not saying that the Lord specifically spoke to me that this flood was coming. But I can see the signs all over, because faithful people all over this country and world are preparing loving ministries to accommodate the needs of families and women experiencing crisis pregnancies. God is putting it on their hearts to set things in motion. And we are ready to serve.

I am so in awe of what God has started in Charlotte in 2015! Here are some of the highlights just that I know about:

  • Just a few months ago, a brand new, Catholic, crisis pregnancy center opened up right next to one of the busiest abortion destinations around! It’s called Charlotte Center for Women, and they are doing amazing things.
  • The Catholic Pro-Life Action Network of Charlotte (C-PLAN) is now up and running. This is a network for Catholics who want to do all they can to support and promote pro-life work within our diocese and city.
  • The Catholic Hispanic community is pulling together and finding exciting new avenues for spreading a Pro Vida message.
  • In February, our Mary Garden Showers ministry held our very first shower in Charlotte for a Mother in a crisis pregnancy. We took women out for registry outings, started friendships, and held many more showers throughout 2015. We were also blessed with an opportunity to begin a new chapter of this ministry in Indianapolis, IN.
  • Talk About Adoption started locally and has grown to a national level. They have fantastic resources and ideas about adoption as an incredible alternative to abortion.
  • The Joy Womb Project began here just a few months ago, and is making gorgeous diaper cakes for women who have considered abortion and choose life. They donate them to pregnancy resource centers and ministries who serve Mothers in crisis pregnancies.

ALL of these organizations and initiatives began in the Charlotte area in 2015!!! I cannot wait to see what God has in store in 2016. Now is the time to organize, prepare, develop, learn, and grow.  So that when abortion finally is no longer desired, loving help is available.

Please pray for the continued growth of these ministries. Please pray that God will use our efforts in this city and throughout this country to inspire others to loving action that will encourage families to choose life. Please pray that God will use our efforts to help more families meet their children face to face on this earth.

I’m thrilled to see these ministries in motion! Because the truth is this – people experiencing crisis pregnancies desperately need HELP. They need loving options. They need support, encouragement, and hope.

They need Christ. And don’t we all??

What new and exciting pro-life work is going on in your area? How do you feel called to get involved? What is God putting on your heart – and what are you going to do about it?