15 Fresh & Tangible Ways You Can Help End Abortion Now

by Kaitlyn Clare Elizabeth Mason

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As Christians, we simply cannot turn our backs on abortion. The Gospel compels us to action!

Abortion has been legal in America since 1973. We know that throughout this time, people have been praying. People have been protesting and marching. People have been petitioning the government. People have been opening up pregnancy resource centers. People have been doing everything they can to eliminate access to and desire for abortions in our society.

And yet here we are 43 years later. Abortions are still legal, and they are still sought by millions of women and families.

We need to shake things up a little bit. We need some new strategies. Keep the old ones, sure. We certainly need prayer, protests, marches, pregnancy resource centers, etc. But we need to be creative. We can seek new avenues for prayer, use new wording on signs as we protest, create new ideas to share while we march, and rethink how we collaborate with pregnancy resource centers.

Here is a list of 15 fresh, tangible ways you can help end abortion now. This list is in no way inclusive of all the ways you can help! But hopefully you will see something new here that you hadn’t considered before. Consider the option, pray about it, and then if you feel called to do it, act! Time is ticking!

1. Share Printables and Graphics to Encourage Abortion Clinic Workers to Leave

And Then There Were None is an awesome organization that was created to help abortion workers leave the industry and find new, meaningful employment and a fresh start. They provide financial assistance, legal protection, emotional support, and spiritual healing. They have tons of great resources that you can print and share in person or via social media. You can view printables at http://abortionworker.com/printables/ and graphics at http://abortionworker.com/graphics/. These resources are excellent because they are loving and caring to abortion industry workers. It is so important that we treat all workers within the abortion industry with respect and dignity at all times.

2. Send a Love Letter to an Abortion Clinic Worker

Don’t know what to say to someone who is working in the abortion industry? Visit And Then There Were None’s website at http://abortionworker.com/loveletters/ and find the words to speak! Their “Love Letters” campaign enables you to send pre-written messages to individuals you know and care about. You can even send a Love Letter anonymously directly to someone’s email inbox through a form provided on this webpage. And if you don’t know anyone in the abortion industry, maybe you have a friend or co-worker who does. Pass this information along!

3. Become a Birth Mother or Birth Father Mentor

Have you placed a child for adoption? If so, you may be interested in helping people in crisis pregnancies walk through the adoption process. Talk About Adoption is a wonderful organization that seeks to spread the word about adoption as an abortion alternative. They’ve started an initiative that creates Birth Mother & Birth Father Mentors and connects them with prospective birth parents. Visit this organization’s website at http://www.talkaboutadoption.org/as-a-birth-mother-or-birth-father.html for more information about becoming a mentor! If you haven’t placed a child for adoption, perhaps you know someone who has gone through this process. Pass this information along!

4. Talk About Adoption as an Abortion Alternative at Abortion Centers

We cannot be sure that women are receiving and reading comprehensive and accurate information about adoption within abortion centers. Talk About Adoption explains why this is sadly the case, and encourages you to advocate for adoption on the sidewalk outside your local abortion center at http://www.talkaboutadoption.org/at-the-abortion-center.html. Not only is this legally allowed as an exercise of free speech, but all women have a right to be thoroughly informed about all options before making a final decision regarding their pregnancy and child. Not sure how to obtain local resources about adoption? Your local Talk About Adoption Chapter Leader can help. Visit this page for their contact information: http://www.talkaboutadoption.org/begin-a-taa-chapter.html.

5. Start a Talk About Adoption Chapter in Your Area

Spread the word about adoption as an abortion alternative! All it takes is one person to start a chapter in your area. Visit http://www.talkaboutadoption.org/begin-a-taa-chapter.html for more information about how you can get started today!

6. Support a Mary Garden Shower for a Mother in a Crisis Pregnancy

Mary Garden Showers empowers women in crisis pregnancies by providing love and support through baby showers. They connect each Mother with a loving sponsor group. If the Mother will be parenting, she attends a registry outing with her sponsor group at a local store and creates a gift registry for her very own baby shower. If the Mother is placing for adoption, they are open to hosting a blessing shower for her to celebrate her courageous decision and the birth of her child. Visit http://marygardenshowers.org/upcoming-showers/ to view links to open gift registries. Gifts purchased through registries will automatically ship to the Church where the shower will be held. Or you can directly send gifts, letters, or prayers to a particular Mother’s shower. Church addresses are provided on the website as well under the Upcoming Showers tab. Showers are open to the public so you may even be able to attend in person! Sign up to receive their newsletter at http://marygardenshowers.org/contact,and you’ll receive shower invitations and links when new registries open for shopping!

7. Start a Mary Garden Showers Chapter in Your Area

Host showers for Mothers in crisis pregnancies in your area! There are so many Mothers out there who can greatly benefit from this kind of love and support! Supply drives for pregnancy resource centers are certainly helpful and needed. But inviting a Mother to her own personal shower creates a unique opportunity for her to connect with a Church and a loving group of people in her time of need. It allows her to see that God will truly provide for her and her family. All it takes is one person to start a chapter in your area. Visit http://marygardenshowers.org/get-involved-2/ for more information about how you can get started today!

8. Join Your Local 40 Days for Life Campaign – Or Start One!

40 Days for Life organizes peaceful prayer campaigns on the sidewalks outside of abortion centers. Business often slows down when people are praying peacefully outside the centers. According to the 40 Days for Life website, they’ve seen 11,165 lives saved since 2007. Many centers have closed, and many workers have left the abortion industry during and following prayer campaigns. Join your local group, or visit https://40daysforlife.com/start-a-campaign/ for more information about starting a campaign in your area. 40 Days for Life organizes two 40 day prayer campaigns each year. You could also connect with people at your Church or in your area to organize peaceful prayer gatherings year round. Prayer is not always tangible, but the effects or prayer are!

9. Learn About & Share Information About Abortion Pill Reversals

Do you know someone who has taken the first abortion pill and regrets their decision? Help is available. They can call and speak with a nurse now via the hotline number listed at http://www.abortionpillreversal.com/. You can obtain brochures about this procedure to share with your local pregnancy resource centers and medical centers at http://www.abortionpillreversal.com/page/16-Brochures/. Abortion pill reversal kits are available, and can be administered to women who have changed their mind after taking the first abortion pill. Healthy pregnancies have resulted and healthy babies have been born after women and their providers follow the procedures outlined in these kits. Your local pregnancy resource centers, hospitals, and OB/GYN offices may be interested in keeping them on hand for women who need them!

10. Become a Hotline Volunteer – or Start a Local Hotline!

Contact your local pregnancy resource center and see if they have a hotline that women and families can call to access their center after hours. This is critical. Sometimes the pregnancy test reads positive at 1am, and a Mother is terrified. Sometimes a Father knows his wife or daughter has an abortion appointment scheduled for the next day, and needs immediate assistance. You can volunteer to take a night shift and answer calls if needed. Or if your local center does not have a hotline available, consider starting one. It may require some creative fundraising and team effort, but the rewards will be great!

11. Attend or Organize a Helpers of God’s Precious Infants Event

This organization peacefully prays at abortion centers. They organize prayer vigils and Masses on the sidewalks in front of the centers. Visit http://www.helpersbrooklynny.org/prayer2.htm to search for a group that meets in your area. However, please note that not all Helpers of God’s Precious Infants groups are listed on this website. Ask your Church if they have information about a local group that meets and prays at abortion centers. Or visit http://www.helpersbrooklynny.org/vol1.htm to sign up as a volunteer with the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants organization. They can help you start a group in your area if one is not available.

12. Start a Branch of Stanton Healthcare

Stanton Healthcare has a special mission. They are seeking to replace Planned Parenthood with quality women’s healthcare at Stanton Healthcare centers across the nation! Volunteering with your local pregnancy resource center is a great way to plug in. But if you feel called to do something a little more, or if you don’t have a pregnancy resource center in your area, consider starting an affiliate of Stanton Healthcare. This is do-able. And Stanton has the resources to help you get started. Visit http://www.thestantonproject.org/take-action/ for more information about how you can get involved today!

13. Start a Men’s Ministry at Your Local Pregnancy Resource Center

Many men enter into the doors of a pregnancy resource center with girlfriends or wives. Often times women will go back to the restrooms, counseling rooms, and ultrasound machines by themselves, leaving the man in the waiting room by himself. It’s very helpful if there is a man on staff at the center who can minister to the needs of the men in the waiting room. This provides an opportunity to connect with these men and share a message of hope and love to them in their time of need. It is also helpful to have a Dads program in the evenings to prepare men for their role as a loving Father.  Contact your local pregnancy resource center to find out if they are able to support men. They may be in need of volunteers or may need help spreading the word to get more men involved. Do what you can to help.

14. Start a Program for Schools at Your Local Pregnancy Resource Center

Create a solid, informative program that helps children and teens learn the truths about dating, boundaries, sex before marriage, healthy relationships, abstinence, human development beginning with conception, abortions, etc.  Then fit it into the curriculum at your local schools, and call up health and science teachers.  You can offer legitimate, quality presentations through Pregnancy Resource Centers to these schools.  You can even have health professionals, doctors, and or married couples come in to present the material.  Need assistance getting started?  Contact Assurance Pregnancy Care Center at http://assuranceforlife.org/.  They have a very successful program that reaches out to public schools in their area.

15. Love One Woman in a Crisis Pregnancy

Do you know anyone in a crisis pregnancy? Challenge yourself to connect with at least one Mother in a crisis pregnancy this year. If every person who attends pro-life marches and protests made an effort to connect with, love, and support, just one woman in a crisis pregnancy this year, abortion numbers could drastically drop! Connect with a Mother in a crisis pregnancy. Invite her over for tea. Take time to get to know who she is as a person. Pray with her and for her. Find out about her needs, her hopes, her dreams, her fears. Comfort her anxieties about labor and delivery. Answer her questions about parenting and adoption. Love her even if she is considering abortion (Read Want a Woman to Choose Life? Choose to Love the Woman!). Connect her with local pregnancy resources and organizations. Be there for her in her time of need! Not sure how to connect with a woman in a crisis pregnancy? Talk with your local pregnancy resource center, sidewalk counseling group, Church, pastor, friends, youth groups, etc. There are so many women out there in crisis pregnancies who need to know they are loved.


Let’s pull together this year and strategically eliminate the desire for abortions within our society. Laws won’t erase the desire for abortions, but love and charity can!

Consider this – how would Jesus be serving in our society if He were walking with us today? “Christ has no body now on earth but yours; no hands but yours; no feet but yours. Yours are the eyes through which the compassion of Christ must look out on the world. Yours are the feet with which He is to go about doing good. Yours are the hands with which He is to bless His people.” –St. Teresa of Avila

What other fresh, new, exciting, tangible ideas do you have? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.