The Urgency of Prayer

by Kaitlyn Clare Elizabeth Mason

URGENCY (1).png

Have you ever felt an urgency to pray?

I remember a friend telling me that once after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, she felt a sudden urge to pray for a particular woman she had never heard of before. It was revealed to my friend in her thoughts that this woman was trapped in a bathroom and could not find water. My friend was to pray that she would realize there was fresh water in back of the toilet.

A few days later, there was a report on the news about a woman trapped in Haiti in a bathroom for days who survived by drinking water from the toilet. My friend was sitting in her living room with her husband in complete shock as she watched the screen.

Not only had God asked her to pray for this woman specifically, He also brought the prayer to fulfillment right before her eyes and showed her the whole story.

Fast forward to September 8, 2015. I’m driving down the road, about to turn onto the highway. All of a sudden, I feel a strong urge to start praying a rosary. This is not common for me as I do not often pray a rosary as I drive. If I do, I keep both hands on the wheel, saying the prayers in my head instead of holding rosary beads to drive safely.

So I start praying, turn onto the county highway, and pick up speed. My two year old and 8 month old are buckled into their car seats in the back.

As I’m praying, a car suddenly pulls out directly in front of my van. The cops would later tell me I never even pressed the brake pedal because there wasn’t time. All I could do was swerve to lessen the impact, and thank God I didn’t hit a second car in the process.

Just before the collision, there was a peace that came over me, and a voice that seemed to say, “This is a car accident. Everything is going to be okay.”

I couldn’t open my car door, so I was only able to see that one of my girls was alright. I climbed through the backseat and was so elated that our 8 month old was just fine – although she was now wide awake!

I remember the woman who hit our car was in a panic. She felt absolutely terrible, and all I could do was forgive her as she apologized profusely. “We’re all fine, everything’s okay,” I reassured her. “It was an accident, accidents happen. We can just thank God we’re all okay!”

But then I remembered that we had been on our way to a doctor’s appointment for a cold that my daughter & I were battling. We were also hoping to finding out at that appointment that we were pregnant!

If we were pregnant, it was very early. But as the EMT’s were checking us out, I realized there was another little life they probably needed to check on.

My Mother took our little ones safely home, since thanks be to God, they were just fine. My husband arrived at the scene and followed the ambulance over to the hospital so I could get checked out.

Minutes later, the ER doctor came through the doors of our room and told us, “Congratulations! You’re going to have a baby!”

We were pretty much in tears of joy, as it had been quite a morning and we were so thankful. I remember my husband said, “Anything else we can fit in today before noon?”

A few months later, I was recalling the events of this day. Do you know what I felt called to pray for that morning as my rosary intention? What was pressing on my heart with such urgency as I started driving down the road?

The unborn.

I wasn’t even sure I was pregnant at this point. I wasn’t praying for the child inside of me yet, just a general prayer for all those babies out there who might not make it through the day because their Mothers weren’t sure if they wanted to be pregnant.

My rosary in the car that morning was for the unborn.

Thanks be to God & Our Blessed Mother for their protection & comfort in all times of trial.  Turn to them. They will never steer you wrong.