The Blessed Sacrament Behind Glass

by Kaitlyn Clare Elizabeth Mason

DESSERTS (1).png

I have now had the experience of kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament in adoration behind a panel of glass.

The cry room at our Church is a beautiful brick-walled space in the back corner of the Church, with a large window facing the altar. A panel of glass separates the room from the rest of the Church space.

My two little girls usually require that we sit in the cry room when I attend Mass alone.

I find myself longing to be closer to Jesus, in part because I have trouble seeing at long distances and need new glasses.  As in… I haven’t had an eye exam in 7 years.

So I find myself straining to see Jesus and wishing I could see Him face to face – with no separation between us – no glass.

With Pope Francis making a trip to America this fall, I am reminded of how far people travel with the hope of just catching a glimpse of him. The Pope – a servant of Christ.

And yet, seeing Christ himself – Jesus’ glorified body in the Eucharist – is an amazing privilege, and one we are blessed to have daily if we wish! This privilege far exceeds any opportunity to meet or even spend time with the Pope!

Even if for a short while, I must gaze at Him and adore Him behind glass.

At the right time, my daughters and I can head into the Church, kneel at the supper table of the Lord, and see Him up close and in person.

What an honor!  Want to come along with us sometime???