Maybe God Knows You’ll Pray for Them… When No One Else Will

by Kaitlyn Clare Elizabeth Mason


When someone cuts in line, drives aggressively, or makes an inappropriate comment, feeling victimized comes naturally.  We know that we deserve respect and dignity as a human being, yet others are always falling short.

We live in a fallen world.  Humans on Earth cannot love us perfectly, with two important exceptions.  Mary probably could have loved us perfectly while she was on Earth since she was full of grace and did not sin.  And the other exception was her divine Son, Jesus Christ, who also did not sin.  However, we know that Mary was created in a very unique way for a very unique purpose, and that Jesus’ divinity makes Him quite extraordinary.

All other humans on Earth?  They’ll always fall short of our expectations.  Yet we forget this all too often.

Do we stop to consider that people we dislike may actually not have people in their lives praying for them?  What a sad thought!  There literally could be people in this world who do not have anyone on this earth specifically lifting up their name in prayer.

Maybe it’s a homeless person, or a widow whose family is no longer living.  Maybe it’s a Mother being pressured into having an abortion.  Maybe it’s you’re your next door neighbor.  Do you know her name?  I don’t know all of my neighbors.  There are people without hope who desperately need prayer.

We do well to ask God to show us who needs our love and prayer.  This is the kind of prayer that I feel is always answered!  I believe one of the ways God chooses to show us people in deep spiritual need is by allowing them to act inappropriately and hurt our feelings.

Maybe the person who hit your car, lied to your face, or hung up on you does not have anyone praying for them.  Afterall, hurt people tend to hurt others.  And isn’t it hard to love and pray for people who are hurtful?

Maybe God knows that you have the heart to forgive them and to pray for them when no one else will.