Learn to Fill Up Spiritually with Momnipotent

by Kaitlyn Clare Elizabeth Mason

Learnto FillUpSpirituallywith (3).png

I had the privilege of hearing Danielle Bean speak last year at the Mothering with Grace Conference.  She is an interesting and fun woman who is full of life and joy!

This book is full of great advice and helpful little quizzes to see how well you are doing in each area of mothering that she addresses.

Mothers were created to give, and little babies begin taking nourishment from their Mothers before anyone even notices they’re there! So Bean reminds Mothers to take time for themselves and make sure they are not physically, emotionally, or spiritually starving.

As a mother of eight children and editor-in-chief of Catholic Digest, Bean brings much experience to the table.

She explains the importance of offering your day up for God each morning – even quickly in the bathroom as children pound on the door if that’s what it takes to get a second to yourself!

She provides a beautiful morning offering prayer that I’ve posted in my own bathroom on the counter by my toothbrush.  Because sadly, there are times it’s easier for me to remember to brush my teeth consistently than to pray!

She also gives lots of insight into the mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship, offering consolation and hope to anyone struggling to understand their in-laws.

This is a great book to read through all at once, but the chapters make it easy to pick back up again as you feel yourself slipping in a particular area. This would make an excellent gift for any Mother, but especially for new Moms and those with children still at home.

My daughter loves that there’s a little girl drawing with a marker on the cover of this book, so she carried it around quite a bit.  At times I had trouble locating it in the house, but thankfully I finished it just before our second daughter was born.  Just in time to get some much needed confidence before adventuring into life with two little ones under 2!

What a great reminder of the worth and dignity of being a Mother!