Get to Know Mary! Read Hail Holy Queen, by Scott Hahn

by Kaitlyn Clare Elizabeth Mason

Get to Know Mary! Read Hail Holy Queen, by Scott Hahn (4)

This is a beautiful book!  Scott Hahn reveals his own former anti-Catholic sentiments about Mary before his conversion to Catholicism, and discusses how he came to know and love her as his Mother.

He explains scripturally why and how Mary is our spiritual Mother.

Particularly interesting is his explanation of how in the kingdoms of the Old Testament relate to the kingdom of Heaven.  Recall that these kingdoms were established by God after the Israelites begged Him for a king.  Within these kingdoms, the queen was actually not the king’s spouse, but rather his mother.

Individuals would request help from the queen mother, knowing that she had a strong tie to the king himself.  In a similar way, we turn to Mary.

Hahn also provides evidence for how Mary is the New Eve, aiding in the fulfillment of Scripture in the New Testament.

Unexpectedly, this book greatly deepened my understanding of the Eucharist as the true presence of Christ!  What a gift!

I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting more information about Mary, especially those reluctant or struggling to embrace her as Mother. It is also a great read for anyone curious about what the Catholic Church truly teaches about the Mother of Christ.

Mary is a central figure of the Catholic respect life movement, precisely because of her ultimate openness to life and her “yes” to God’s will.  As workers in the respect life movement, we hope to inspire others to be willing to follow in Mary’s footsteps.

This book will equip you to introduce Mary to all Mothers – including those in crisis pregnancies – who absolutely deserve an opportunity to embrace her as their spiritual Mother!