Get Fired Up about Protecting Life! Read Unplanned

by Kaitlyn Clare Elizabeth Mason

Get Fired Up About Protecting Life! Read Unplanned, by Abby Johnson! (6)

So I stumbled upon this book in the Bridal Room at my Church. It was just lying on the coffee table, and I eyed it each time I went in there with our baby girl during Mass.

One day I ran into a Knight who encouraged me to take it home, so into the diaper bag it went (with the clean diapers, don’t worry).

Before long I was completely captivated by this story! It was extremely difficult to put down!

This is the story of a modern day Saul to Paul conversion. This woman went from being the director of a Planned Parenthood in Texas, to being a member of the Coalition for Life right down the street.

She gives her testimony of the behind the scenes happenings at Planned Parenthood, sharing everything from a firsthand account of an eye-opening, heart-changing ultrasound-guided abortion, to being asked to perform more abortions to increase revenue.

After her conversion, God clearly paved the way for her to escape into the light. He gave her an amazing platform from which she is able to tell her story to the world.

This book also reveals the truth that God will go before you always, no matter what opposition this world has in store.

I will be recommending at least the first chapter of this story to a close friend who thinks that abortion is a woman’s right.

I was privileged to have the opportunity to meet Abby Johnson at a recent fundraising banquet. She shared many details of this story in her talk that evening, and it was fascinating to hear the story in person after reading this book. She is such a passionate person and wonderful advocate for life!

This is a must read for anyone who has abortion on their heart.