Simply Divine Mercy

"As often as you want to make Me happy, speak to the world about my great and unfathomable Mercy." -Jesus to St. Faustina

Happy Easter & A Book Review!

Happy Easter everyone!  So I know I’ve been all about reviewing books lately, and there’s a reason for that… I’ll share more about that at some point here with you!

Our family is now caring for 8 baby chicks as we continue our homestead plans and await the birth of our 4th child!  So there’s lots of exciting activity going on here at the Mason home.

But this morning I want to talk for a moment about what we just did as Christians and Catholics – we just went through a spiritual desert, and now we are celebrating the Easter Octave!  8 days of feasting!

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The Case for Catholicism: Answers to Classic and Contemporary Protestant Objections

Jesus prayed that Christians might be one..png

I am grateful to Ignatius Press for the opportunity to share this book with you today!

To call this book comprehensive would be an understatement.  Right out of the gate in The Case for Catholicism, Trent Horn begins a clear, concise, and extremely thorough explanation of our Faith.  The book truly delivers on its promise to provide us with answers to Protestant objections.

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A Lovely Devotional to Lead You to Jesus in the Eucharist


I am grateful to TAN Books for the opportunity to share this little devotional with you today.  The Catholic Church is blessed to hold many gems of literature, sprinkled throughout the ages by holy men and women seeking to draw souls closer to God.  Sometimes these gems remain hidden for decades or centuries.  But today, I am excited to be a part of unveiling this gem of a devotional for the world.

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Mary’s Vital Role in the “Pro-Life” Movement

Mary's Vital Role2

As Catholics and Christians, we are not just pro-life.  We cannot just be pro-life.  To say we are such indicates that we are simply in favor of promoting life, that we “indicate favor for some party, system, or idea” (, in this case, that we indicate favor for life.

We do not merely wish to promote life.  No, our primary responsibility, the task we have been entrusted with as Christians, is to love every life.

And if we’re going to do this effectively, if we’re truly going to love every single life, we absolutely cannot omit Mary from the equation.  Mary is vital to creating a culture of life.  Why?

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A Charming Tale of Heaven on Earth…

A Charming Story About Giving....png

It is truly a pleasure to have received this book and to be able to share it with you today.  The Suitcase: A story about giving peaked my curiosity from the moment it arrived.

This is the story of a boy named Thomas.  He is a boy who loves to play, to spin, and to talk to his pet goat.

Perhaps the spinning drew me into the story.  Our little girls have a “spinning club” every night before bed where they twirl their little hearts out and literally wind down for the night.  (Or wind up… I’m never quite sure which…)

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Catholic Kids, the Works of Mercy, and a Hands-on, Fruitful Lent


*This is a guest post from author Ginny Kochis. Scroll down to read more about Ginny at the bottom of this article!

I’m not a pro when it comes to liturgical living, especially as it’s viewed today. I grew up in a home that was solidly Catholic, but celebrating feast days through the year wasn’t something we regularly did.

We had an Advent wreath. A Christmas tree. We went to Stations of the Cross and gave things up for Lent. But there were no sweet buns for St. Lucia, no shoes for old St. Nick. We didn’t dress as saints on All Saints Day; our evening meals didn’t reflect the feasts of the Church.

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A Precious Set of Saint Books for your Saints-in-Training

A Precious Set of Saint Books

It was truly a privilege to be able to receive this set of books and be able to share them with you today.

What a blessing it is for our children to be able to learn about the saints.  With all the once-upon-a-time charm and long-ago beauty of the classic fairytales, this set of books is sure to delight your children.

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Going Deeper: A Reasoned Exploration of God and Truth


It was a privilege to receive this book and to be able to share it with you today.

Undoubtedly in our world today, many people have decided they do not believe in a higher power.  Others reject religion’s claims about this higher power, citing the impossibility of a loving God, the presence of evil in the world, and even our inability to know anything with certainty at all.

For many, reason, logic, and science have stamped out the existence of God.

But in his new book Going Deeper, Leo Severino presents the idea that logic should lead us to reality.

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3 Things I Took Away from the Mothering with Grace Conference

Mothering with grace.png

A couple of years ago, I was a new mother, pregnant with our second child, in a new city.  Fortunately, we quickly plugged in at a wonderful parish that we still call home, and I was able to connect with a lovely group of women in a group called Mothering with Grace.

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Forgiving Mother: A Marian Novena of Healing and Peace

When you're ready to forgive but don't know where to start... turn to Mary..png

*This book, like many on this site, was given to me in exchange for my honest review. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share it with you today.

Forgiveness hurts.  Period.

When we forgive, we have to swallow our pride in a big way.  So, when we’ve gone through something traumatic and need to find healing and peace, that healing process that leads to forgiveness can be painful, too.

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